Yeguada Finca Maeza

Since 2018 Yeguada Finca Maeza breeds CDE (Spanish Sport Horses) surrounded by oaks and apple trees in the Sariego valley at the heart of the Comarca de la Sidra, Asturias.

Our path // What we do

In Maeza we choose the most appropriate stallion for each of our breeding mares.
We bet on imprinting and the most adequate teaching adapted to the foal’s age. Our training begins at the age of four.
Our main goal is to have our young horses ready for top competition at the age seven to eight years. During this process we place great importance in respecting the development and growth of each horse.

Our Facilities

Yeguada Finca Maeza

Horses, mares and foals

About us


Trying to keep the harmony between functionality and beauty we traveled many kilometers to discover the best studs around the world. Adding our experiences, we created Yeguada Finca Maeza. From the beginning we felt the need to give a comfortable space to horses, riders and workers.

The architecture is integrated into the landscape, respecting the nature. Maeza is placed at “El Rebollal”, which means oak grove, as we are surrounded by oaks and its leaf forms part of our logo.


Until one has loved an animal a part of one´s soul remains unawakened.

Anatole FranceNobel Prize of Literature in 1921

Do you want to know us?

Camino del Rebollal nº368
33518 Santiago – Sariego